Recent Successes

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Huiras Legal Services client had credit card and cash stolen from her home by a contract employee during a utility company service call. HLS acted for the client, who sued both the utility company and the contracted company who hired the employee to perform the work.  Recently the contract employee pleaded guilty to fraud and theft charges, both level 6 felonies. | Watch a video about this case here

Defense Jury Verdict: Neighborhood HOA client was sued for defamation for allegedly defamatory comments as part of a crime watch program. HLS successfully defended HOA president during week long jury trial resulting in defense verdict. HLS successful in admission of ipad location evidence despite objection from plaintiff counsel with use of expert witnesses and eye witness accounts on use of ipad and satellite detection software. We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services client held mortgage on Indianapolis area apartment complexes. Dispute arose regarding right to insurance proceeds for damage during foreclosure proceeding. Huiras Legal Services successfully retrieved seven figure amount for well-pleased client. We get it done.

​Huiras Legal Services client was local, high-end restaraunteur who had side venture with other investors. Other investors took client’s trade secret information, including trade marks and recipes and started identical venture. Huiras Legal Services successfully negotiated peaceful resolution with client being extremely pleased with outcome. We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services represented franchisor client and undertook royalty payments audit. Successfully recovered nearly half a million dollars from franchisees for unreported business income from non-complying franchisees. We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services client devastatingly injured in crash involving semi truck. Medical bills over $500,000. Huiras Legal Services successfully negotiated settlement on behalf of client that was in excess of what client was legally entitled pursuant to Indiana statute! We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services defended another restaurant owner through jury trial on claims of inadequate security and inadequate training. We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services is involved in multiple construction accident cases and is well versed in construction interplay and interpretation, insurance coverages and how to navigate to successful outcome for our clients. We get it done.

Huiras Legal Services client engaged in international commerce with London based supplier of school supplies. Successfully disentangled client from further contractual requirements for product delivery in non-profitable environment.

We get it done.